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Slickoleum 15 gram squeeze tube
Slickoleum 15 gram squeeze tube
Suggested retail: $4.34 each
15 gram squeeze tube is 1 inch (25.4mm) in diameter and 3-3/8 inches (86mm) tall. Perfect pocket size and convenient for just about anything.
Item# S15GR
Slickoleum 4 ounce squeeze tube
Slickoleum 4 oz (114 gram) squeeze tube
Suggested retail: $7.87 each
4 oz squeeze tube is 1-5/8 inch (40mm) in diameter and 6-3/8 inches (163mm) tall. Perfect size for shop use.
Item# S4oz
Slickoleum 15 ounce Tub
Slickoleum 15 ounce Tub
Suggested retail: $26.23
Our 15 ounce tub is 4.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall. (contents 15 ounces)

item# S15oz

Buy Slickoleum 1 gallon pail
Slickoleum 1 gallon pail
One gallon plastic pail. (contents 7.5 pounds)

item# S128oz

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Buy Slickoleum 5 gallon bucket
Slickoleum 5 gallon bucket
5 gallon bucket (contents 35 pounds)

item# S35bkt

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