Suspension grease
Slickoleum seal grease
• Suspension Grease
• Ultimate Lubricant for O-rings & Seals
• Reduces Friction
• Stays Were You Put It
• Resistant To Water Washout
We specialize in providing a superlative grease that greatly reduces the breakaway friction for reciprocating seals. Our grease is being used by many reputable shock manufacturers worldwide today. Slickoleum grease has been used as suspension grease going on 23 years with outstanding feedback from our customers. Slickoleum is also an exceptional lubricant for standard O-rings as well as seals. Outside of the suspension industry the paintball enthusiasts have found remarkable results using Slickoleum in their paintball markers. Paintball markers use pneumatics and need good seal lubricant for their reciprocating O-ring seals that operate at high speeds. Our grease has also found its way into O-ring specialty stores. We are confident that you will be pleased with the results you experience with Slickoleum.

It is said that “Necessity is the mother of all inventions” and this was certainly true with our product. In 1990 we set out to develop a product that would reduce static drag and break away friction to improve the performance of motocross suspension forks. The search for a friction reducing solution had begun. Silicon, Teflon and everything imaginable was blended and tested. In 1990 our diligence was rewarded and the magic formula had finally been discovered.

We have found that our grease has an outstanding resistance to corrosion and oxidation as well as an ability to impregnate the pores of surfaces. Our findings are exciting for the simple reason that Slickoleum can be used across many applications and industries. Slickoleum excels when it comes to lubricating seals and o-rings that have linear movement thus rendering our competitors products inadequate. Why? Because Slickoleum’s proprietary formula effectively reduces the static drag and breakaway force in ways our competitor’s cannot. Slickoleum has premium additives whose combined properties reduce friction, increase efficiency and provide for greater compliance.

  Inherent features of the additives enable it to:
• Adhere to and impregnate metallic surfaces reducing friction and increasing lubrication.
• Function in low to medium temperatures, providing increased lubricity.
• Safe for all kinds of seals, elastomers, and O-rings.
• Prevent corrosion and oxidation while providing a protective layer.
• Provide a waterproof layer through our proprietary formulation.
• Motorcycle suspension.
• Fork bushings and shock seals.
• Paintball markers.
• Mechanical slide mechanisms.
• Yo-Yo's.
• Air cylinders.
• Molds.
• OEM Manufacturing.

One of our favorite customer testimonials is from a drag racing professional who had a problem with the valve push rods galling due to the high spring pressures and lack of lubrication. The only cure he found is the use of Slickoleum applied to the xxx and unfortunately for us, he insists on keeping the secret all to himself.

We are pleased that so many company’s and performance oriented individuals are seeking out our product. This happens for one reason, “Slickoleum Works”. Why trust your lubricating needs to anything else?

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